Technology experts for your Home, Business & on the go!

Keeping your technology in the home running is just as important as in the office nowadays. We can handle everything from the home computer to the large networks. When you have a technology issue or a need for something new, our experts can help!

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Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

We can help with custom social media branding and creative, effective campaigns to help you interact with your customers. DXM can also help make your websites and social media search engine optimized for better visibility on all the major search engines.


Virus and Malware Removal

Is your computer getting slower and slower. Do you have random ad's popping up while you try to work? Chances are, you have Malware on your computer tracking what you do in the background and slowing down your computer. Our experts can remove any Virus's and Malware on your computer and make your computer operate like new again.


Web and Mobile Application Development

Custom App development to meet your needs including Web, Android and iOS. Contact DXM to discuss your needs.


Technology - It's more than flashing lights to us

The technology experts at DXM can help your business with everything from back-end server infrastructure to front-end mobile device management. We don't just paint a pretty front to the technology like so many media companies today, we know how the technology works and how to make it work for you.